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First Sunday of 2019

On 6 January, Tom led us to reflect on our life as a church family in 2018 and what God might have in store for us in 2019, with a look at the Apostle Paul's resolution to "know Christ" in Philippians 3.10-14. What are your hopes for the New Year? Does God fit in them?


Mess-iah Advent Series

Troy concludes our Advent Series by looking at Mary and the subject of the Humble and Teachable Spirit.


Mess-iah Advent Series

In this Advent sermon Tom takes us through Josephs experience of the news of Mary, and how Joseph worked through this. He also shows how we can learn from Josephs life.


Mess-iah Advent Series

In this advent series Jason takes us through the significance of the Wise Men asking the questions "Who were they, and why are they significant?"


How God Meets us in our Mess final week.

In the final to our series on how God meets us in our mess. Jason takes us through Corinthians and why Paul suffering was for his and our good. He reminds us that Gods "grace is sufficient for you, and His "power is made perfect in weakness."


God meets us in our mess 6

Tom leads us through looking at the Apostle Peter and prejudism. Especially in light of our own lives.


The God who meets us in our mess 5

Troy leads us through the Apostle Thomas and shows how God met him through his grief. He also leads us into hearing why we "don not have to doubt."


God Meets Us in Our Mess - Illness

On Sunday 4 November, Tom continued our series "God Meets Us in Our Mess" by facilitating a Discovery Time on the large topic of Illness. Three questions focused our reflection: Where does illness come from and why? What CAN God do about it? and What does God really promise?


The God who meets us in our mess 3

Tom leads us through the woman at the well and shows how her life was in an addictive state. he then concludes by asking the question "what is it we struggle with?"


The God who meets us in our mess 2

In our second week looking at how God meets us in our mess. Troy leads us through the sin of King David with Bathsheba, and why it is David is known as a man after Gods own heart.


The God who meets us in our mess

In the opening of our new series on how God meets us in our mess. Tom takes us through the shame of Adam and Eve, and how God is still a loving Father to them despite their failings towards Him.


Living by the Word or the World

In the final message of our series on the Bible. Jason takes us through the contrast between the word of God and the world. "The word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart," Hebrews 4:19.


The Bible as a Guide and Why We Need It

On Sunday 9 September, Tom continued our Discovery Time series on the Bible. Psalm 19 reveals so much about how the Scriptures guide us, helping us to know right from wrong, good from bad, when our perception can so often be skewed. We need the Bible like a spirit level for our lives.


What is the Bible and why do we value it?

In this Discovery Time Tom helps us to focus more on what the Bible means to us, and why we value it so much. He does this in a practical way so that we can understand it more clearly.



David takes us through one of his O.I.A [Observation, Interpretation, Application] to help us learn more how to read the Bible.


The King's Cross: The Alpha and Omega.

Troy concludes our series on the King's Paradise by sharing with us the significance of Jesus being the Word of God. He does this by showing that Jesus is "the alpha and omega."


The King's Paradise The River of Life.

In this message from the King's Paradise David takes us through Revelation 22:1-5 with the focus being on "the river of life." David also leads people on the importance of reading the passage before interpreting it.


The King's Paradise The New Heavens and New Earth.

Jason takes us through our next sermon on the King's Paradise "The New Heavens and New Earth." While asking some great thought provoking questions regarding the end times.


The Kings Paradise: The Millennial Kingdom

In the second sermon of our series "The Kings Paradise." David leads us through some of the aspects of the Millennial Kingdom, as well as looking more closely at the Prophet Isaiah to give us a clearer picture of what is to come in the book of Revelation.


The Kings Paradise

Troy opens up the Kings Paradise series by speaking on the significance of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb from Revelation 19.


The King's Church Acts 16

Jason takes us through the next part of the book of Acts focusing upon the Salvation of Lydia.


The Gospel

This is the message from the Gospel Sunday Service based upon "The Prodigal Son."


The King's Church: Acts 10

In this second week of journeying through the King's Church. David shows us how the Gentiles became included within God's plan.


The King's Church

In this message Jason takes us through the first part of the spread of the Gospel in the book of Acts. The church in Jerusalem.


The King's Cross: The Resurrection.

Troy concludes the King's Cross series preaching on the proof and significance of the Resurrection.


Mark 15 - Jesus' trials

On 25 March, Jason continued the King's Cross series by leading a discovery of the two trials of Jesus, leading up to his crucifixion.


King's Cross Mark 14

Tom continues our King's Cross series by looking at the incredible sacrifice the woman made when anointing Jesus with oil. He reminds us that what she did was a powerful sacrificial act.


King's Cross Mark 13 The Son of Man

In our third sermon of this series on the King's Cross. Troy preaches on the importance of how we see Jesus in light of Him being the Son of Man.


King's Cross: Mark 12

On Sunday 11 February, David continued the "King's Cross" series by leading us through an "Observation - Interpretation - Application" discovery of Mark 12. Listen to share in the discoveries.


King's Cross: Kingly Authority

On Sunday 4 February, Jason launched a new series entitled "The King's Cross" and led in discovering more about Mark 11 and Jesus' kingly authority.


The Gift Unwrapped: Stewarding our gifts

On 28 January, our guest speaker, Rob Williams, shared principles on how we can steward our resources for God's glory. In the end, they all belong to Him and we simply manage them. Listen for some tips on how to do that well.


The Gift Unwrapped: In Christ

On Sunday 21 January, Tom continued the "Gift Unwrapped" series by looking at our new life "In Christ" - helping us discover all that should change in us. Our Discovery Time included two practical areas where we can grow in our understanding of being "in Christ" - in our daily routines, and by putting on God's armour each day.


Gift Unwrapped: The Gift of New Life

On Sunday 14 January, Mike continued the series "The Gift Unwrapped" by looking at the New Life which Jesus offers to each person on earth. The life, light and love is offered as a gift to each of us, but we have to accept and live in it.


All I Want for Christmas: Everlasting Father

On 17 December, Troy continued the "All I Want for Christmas is YOU" series by exploring Isaiah 9.6 and the phrase "Everlasting Father" as it applies to the predicted Messiah to come. Listen to discover more about what that title tells us about Jesus.


As I Want For Christmas: Wonderful Counsellor

On the first Sunday of Advent, Jason launched the "All I Want for Christmas is You" series with the first name given to the Christ child in Isaiah 9.6. Listen to hear how the One born in the manger is the Wonderful Counsellor.


The God of mission & the Mission of God

On Sunday 26 November, guest speaker Dan Yarnell reminded us of our God who came as a man on mission, and how He gave each of us the mission to reach out to those around us, living and sharing His message in a way that they can understand.


Daring to Persevere: Peter

Mike concluded the "Daring to Persevere" series with an in-depth look at Peter's life. Where are you in your journey?


Daring to Persevere: Mary Magdalene

On Sunday 12 November, Troy continued the "Daring to Persevere" series by looking at Mary Magdalene. She occupies a special place in Jesus' earthly ministry. Listen along to see how it relates to you and your spiritual journey.


Induction Service

On Sunday 5 November, Troy Dohnahue was inducted as church pastor. David gave a short challenge from God's word to help "pass the baton" and launch Troy's service to the Frankley church family.


Daring to Persevere: Samuel

Mike continued the "Daring to Persevere" series of Discovery Times on 15 October by facilitating an overview of the life of Samuel. He continued on in difficult circumstances through his hope in God. What can you learn from his example?


Daring to Persevere: Jacob

On Sunday 8 October, Tom continued the "Daring to Persevere" series by looking at the life of Jacob. Following an overview of his life, we explored his wrestling match with God, and lessons that can help in situations we are facing right now.


Using Questions in Sharing the Gospel

The third talk in the Gospel series on Sunday 17 September focused on using questions as we interact with people who show interest in the Gospel message. David gave many examples from his experience in sharing the Gospel over the years.


Sharing the Gospel

On Sunday 11 September, we reviewed a simple Gospel presentation - including a precise definition of SIN - and then practiced together how to share it with one another.


What is The Gospel?

Tom led a Discovery Time on The Gospel, the first in a series of "Going Back to the Basics". What would you say if a colleague sat down next to you in the train and asked "What is a Christian anyway?" Listen to this talk for some basic ideas.


How We Get HOPE

On Sunday 20 August, guest speaker Malcolm Stevens (from Shirley Grace) helped us explore where true hope comes from - and some of the lies that keep us from fully enjoying it.


Knowing God's Leading - Discerning the Spirits

On Sunday 13 August, Tom continued the series on "Knowing God's Leading" by looking at the realm of angels - good and evil spirits - and some ways we can discern between them to hear God's voice. Much to ponder . . .


Knowing God's Leading - Through Prayer

On 16 July, Mike continued our current series by looking at some of the in's and out's of prayer - an ongoing conversation with God to come more in line with what He wants to do in and through us.


8 Divine Witnesses

On 9 July, Tom continued the series on "Knowing God's Leading" by considering at least either ways that God uses to try to get people's attention. Which of these could you use with those who do not yet know God?


Meeting the Dohnahue's

On Sunday 2 July, Troy and Mareike visited Frankley Grace, sharing certain aspects of their testimony and a challenge from Mark 4. Jesus will get us through the storms!


Knowing God's Leading - Through the Word

In the first Discovery Time of a new series on how to know God's leading, David led a discussion on how God's Word, the Bible, is a light on our path. (11 June 2017)


What is Pentecost?

On Sunday 4 June, Jason led a Discovery Time on the background and meaning of Pentecost Sunday - the birth of the Church as the Holy Spirit came on all those who believe in Jesus as Lord and Saviour.


HOPE to Share

On 14 May, Tom continued the HOPE series by looking at Peter's encouragement to be ready to give an answer for the hope that we have. But to share it, we must really believe it. This Discovery Time provides a review of the other six talks and gives a challenge to believe the hope we have in God and live in a way that others notice our hope.


HOPE: The Biblical Words

On 7 May, David led a Discovery Time looking at the biblical words - Old and New Testament - for HOPE and what it means for us today.


What Does Hope Look Like in Us?

On 23 April, Tom continued the HOPE series by considering how hope should make the people of God look and act differently right now. Others need to see the difference!


The Hope of the Resurrection

Jason continued the HOPE series on Easter Sunday by looking at the strong evidence for the reality of Jesus' resurrection - much more than for most events which we consider undebatable. What about you?


Future Hope

In the third Discovery Time, David facilitated a discussion of our certain hope for the future. Meditating on where and how we will spend the future will affect how we live today.


The Certainty of Hope

In the second Discovery Time on the theme of HOPE, we reviewed the definition of Christian hope - and looked at two key Bible passages which underline the certainty of our hope, because of who God is. It is hope which is an anchor in the midst of the storms of life that we live.


Family Matters 8 - conclusion

On 12 March, David concluded the "Family Matters" series with a comprehensive review of what we learnt from discovering the nine principal metaphors for the Church together.


Family Matters 7

On 5 March, we explored two metaphors: the Temple and Royal Priesthood / Holy Nation. We discovered many benefits including: adoption as sons & daughters of God, being sealed with the Holy Spirit, and having open access to God - to pray, to worship, and to invite others to become worshippers.


Family Matters 6

On Sunday 19 February, Tom continued the "Family Matters" series by looking at the metaphor of the field. We discovered aspects that apply to how we live as a church family, including the sharing of our time, talent, energy and resources of all sorts. Some extra time was spent exploring what our attitude should be to our finances before God.


Family Matters 5

On 12 February, Jason continued our look at the biblical metaphors for the Church by looking at the "living stones" in 1 Peter.


Family Matters 4

On the first Sunday of February, we looked at the church as the Body of Christ - where every part is important and the parts all need to work together, each one using their unique gift.


Family Matters 3

Tom continued the "Family Matters" series by looking at two metaphors: the Sheep and shepherd; the bride and Bridegroom. We discussed what changes before and after the wedding day - and how the external sign of baptism serves as a sign of an inner change and being "in Christ".


Family Matters 2

Tom continued the "Family Matters" series by introducing the 9 principal metaphors in the Bible used to describe the church - and focusing on 3: bride and Groom, sheep and Shepherd, Vine and branches.


Family Matters 1

During the first worship gathering of 2017, we started a series on the local church as a spiritual family. David led the Discovery Time, exploring some ways in which the church family is like a human family.


Advent 3 - The Shepherds

On 18 December, Jason led a discovery time on the role of the shepherds in the first Christmas story. Have you ever imagined the choices they had to make to visit the newborn king? They are an example of sharing the Good News with each person they met.


Advent 2 - Joseph

On 11 December, Tom continued our look at the key individuals of the first Christmas. As we considered Joseph, we saw his courage to risk social ridicule, to be an asylum seeker in Egypt, and to live in hiding. What are we willing to risk this Advent?


Advent 1 - Mary

In this Advent season, we prepare once again to celebrate the incarnation of our Saviour. On Sunday 4 November, Mike led in a reflection on Mary's role in the first Christmas - and what we can learn for our own faith journey.


Trusting Others Practically

On 20 November, Tom led in the last of the "Seize the Day" talks, focusing on the practical outworking of trusting others.


Trusting Others according to Jesus

On Sunday 6 November, Tom launched the monthly theme of Trusting Others - in the Seize the Day series - by looking at various times and ways that Jesus trusted others around him. We came away with some very practical, challenging aspects of trust to be applied in areas of our everyday lives.


Challenging Inconsistency practically

On 16 October, Mike continued the monthly theme by looking at practical considerations of how to challenge inconsistency - with whom, in what spirit, and to what end.


Challenging Inconsistency according to Proverbs

Tom continued the monthly theme of challenging inconsistency by looking at how we face inconsistency in those around us. Challenging some of it by asking questions might just open a door for Gospel seed.


Challenging Inconsistency according to Jesus

On the first Sunday of October, Jason launched the theme of challenging inconsistency in the "Seize the Day" series. He led in a study of Jesus' attitude toward hypocrisy. How are we doing?


Speaking the Truth in Love - practically

On 18 September, Tom continued the theme of Speaking the Truth in love by exploring the delicate balance of truth on the one hand and love or grace on the other. Jesus was the perfect balance of grace and truth.


Speaking the Truth in Love - according to Proverbs

On 11 September, Jason led us in discovering several passages from Proverbs - to help understand what speaking the truth in love means. Whilst it may be painful, it is preferable to lies.


Speaking the Truth in Love - according to Jesus

On the first Sunday of September, we began to explore how to speak the truth in love. Mike led a deep discussion on the natural and spiritual worlds, and the power in the seed.


Breaking the Ice Practically

On 21 August, Jason continued the discussion on how to break the ice in our relationships with others, as we endeavour to seize the opportunities that God places before us.


Breaking the Ice - according to Proverbs

On 14 August, Tom continued the month-long emphasis on "breaking the ice" in the Seize the Day series. Together, we explored how a judgemental attitude - as described in Proverbs - can be a major obstacle to breaking the ice.


Breaking the Ice - according to Jesus

In August, we focus on how to "Seize the Day" by learning to break the ice, as Jesus did. He shows the importance of connecting with others.


Praying for Others - Practical Application

On Sunday 17 July, Mike continued the "praying for others" month-long theme by looking at three concrete steps for a growing practice of prayer.


Asking Questions according to Jesus

David continued the Seize the Day series on 5 June by launching this month's emphasis on asking questions. He highlighted seven kinds of questions, as seen in Jesus' life and ministry.


Praying for Others in the Proverbs

10 July - Tom continued the month-long emphasis Praying for Others (in the Seize the Day series) by looking at prayer in the Proverbs.


Praying for Others according to Jesus

On Sunday 3 July, we continued the "Seize the Day" series by looking at Jesus' example of praying for (and with) others.


Sharing Care and Concern Practically

On 15 May, David continued the topic of showing care and concern, with practical application and some ideas on how to avoid the extremes.


Showing Care according to Jesus

In the ongoing series of "Seizing the Day", Jason introduces the topic of showing care and concern by looking at Jesus' example.


Listening according to Proverbs

On 10 April, Mike continued the month-long listening theme by exploring what the Book of Proverbs adds to the discussion - including a look at true wisdom.


Listening according to Jesus

On Sunday 3 April, Tom continued the "Seize the Day" series by launching the listening topic. By looking at Jesus' example, we learn a lot that we can apply in "double-listening" - listening to God and listening to one another.


Loving Sacrificially in practical ways

Tom continued the monthly theme of loving sacrificially, by looking at several Bible texts which encourage us to lay down our lives for others in small and big ways - just as Jesus did.


Forgiveness: A Key in Loving Sacrificially

On Sunday 13 March, guest speaker Florent Varak led us in a challenging look at forgiveness. We have been forgiven so much by God! Do we forgive those who owe us much less?


Loving Sacrificially according to Jesus

In March, we look at sacrificial love as a key in relationships, as we try to Seize the Day. On 6 March, Jason led a study on Jesus' example and teaching in this area.


Sharing Our Lives practically

On 21 February, David continued the theme of how we share our lives with others, by exploring our emotions and motivations.


Sharing Our Lives according to Proverbs

Tom continued the reflection on Sharing Our Lives with Others, by considering what the Book of Proverbs has to say on the subject - with some practical implications.


Sharing Our Lives according to Jesus

On Sunday 7 February, Jason launched the first theme of the Carpé Diem series of Discovery Times - by showing how Jesus shared his life with others.


What is Wisdom?


Jesus & Close Relationships

Jesus and the writers of the New Testament have a wide variety of words to say about close, familial relationships. We explore how to balance those priorities, as we seek to seize the opportunities in 2016.


1st Sunday of 2016 - new theme


Easter 2013

On Easter Sunday, we reflected on Jesus' last conversation - with the criminals who were crucified to his right and left. Listen to discover the answers to some of life's profound questions, which Jesus gave as he was dying.


Advent Prep

To be ready for this season of Advent, Tom led us through some areas that may need "tidying" as we make room for Jesus in our Christmas traditions.



David shares a talk on HOPE and what it means for a Jesus follower in their lives.


Celebrate the Bible

To mark Bible Society's annual "Celebrate the Bible" Sunday, we looked at the Bible by the numbers, who wrote it, how it is organised, and how it came together in the Canon. Helpful reminders to anyone, regardless of where they are in their faith journey!


Speaking with One Another

In the continuing "One Another" series, Tom leads a discussion of the "direct talk" which biblical authors share about how Christians should speak to each other. There is something in this talk for everyone!


Bear With One Another

In the second of a series of talks on the One Another passages in the New Testament, Tom explores the phrase "bear with" with what appear to be strange ironies. Listen to discover how "holding back" can actually be a way to get closer in the Body of Christ.


Lord's Prayer: Give us this day

David continues the series on PRAYER by looking at the next phrase in the prayer Jesus modelled for his disciples. Together, we explore the very practical area of our basic needs.


Lord's Prayer - Our Father

During the summer months, we focus on PRAYER. In this first of five talks which look at Jesus' model prayer for His disciples, we learn about where to start in our prayers and toward whom all the arrows should point.


How to Relate to Other Views on Gifts

In the third and final talk on Spiritual Gifts, Tom looked at how to relate to Christians who view this topic (and any other) differently than we do. Seeking the bond of peace in the unity of the Spirit is the goal!


How to Discover Your Gift

In the second of three talks, Tom leads a study on how to identify our gift. Every person's gift is a unique combination of various facets, designed to build up the Body of Christ.


What Is a Gift?

On Sunday 3rd June, Tom began a series of three talks on Spiritual Gifts. This first talk digs into the background of the term as found in the New Testament.


Out: An Approach

Continuing the "Out" emphasis of the In-n-Out Adventure theme at Frankley Grace, Tom borrows from Tim Keller to look at some very simple steps in trying to share our faith.


Our Posture / Attitude As We Go OUT

On 22nd April, Tom began a new series on reaching OUT. Our attitude or posture toward work colleagues or any others we see on a regular basis is critical to keeping doors open for the Gospel. And a key is found in one of the best known biblical ideas: the Golden Rule.


What Our Hobbies Tell Us About God

John Moxon shared on 15th April 2012. He explores what our hobbies and interests help us understand about God. What do you learn from your hobbies?


Easter 2012

To celebrate Easter 2012, David Schwan walks us through the implications of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. The Gospel is something for all of us, all the time!


Sola Fide

In the final talk of the series on the "5 Solas" we discuss "by faith alone" and the key biblical word "justification". As you listen, you'll see how central faith is to becoming a Christian - and how the 5 Solas fit together.



On 11th March 2012, Steve Partridge shared this talk on the topic of temptation and testing, considering the various categories of what the Bible says about the tempting we all live.


Sola Gratia

On 4th March, Tom Barlow shared the third talk in the 5-part series "5 Solas". "By grace alone" reminds us that God is the sole actor in our salvation; if we count on anything else to be saved, it is no longer by God's grace. He offers eternal life as a gift to all who will accept it.


Sola Scriptura

In the second of the "5 Solas" series on 12th February, we focused on "by Scripture alone" - which will challenge you to consider what the final authority is in your life.


Soli Deo Gloria

In the first of five messages designed to bring us back to the heart of the what it means to be Christian, Tom Barlow gives an overview of church history and then focuses on the first of the Solas: Only for the Glory of God. You'll be challenged to think through your own orientation in life - is it about you or is it about God?